socks and horse bag 015.jpg


Sizes:  This pattern will make one small horse tote bag


Materials:   50 yards of green, 100 yards of blue, 50 yards of black and 50 yards of white sport weight to worsted weight yarn


Needles: 1 circular 16 inch US 10 ˝ inch needle




Follow  the instuctions for Ann Lim’s “A Petite Felted Bag” on Ravelry.  Knit the base of the bage and and couple of inches of the sides in green.   Then follow the chart below  for the remainder of the sides.


totehorse and cloudblowup.bmp


The horses are knitted in black the background is blue and the clouds are white.   Three horses will repeat around the bag so the chart repeats one and a half times.  After completing the chart knit another 2 inches of sides or until the bag reaches the height of specified in the directions for “A Petite Felted Bag”.   Follow the remaining instructions for “A Petite Felted Bag”.