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Grain Bag Totes

Grain Bag Totes are made from recycled animal food bags.   We keep horses.  We go through a couple of  bags of grain a week.  Several years ago the grain companies switched from paper to plastic.  I used the bags for trash bags at the barn but I was still throwing a lot of plastic bags away.   So I made some into totes for the grocery store and to hold equipment at the barn and fleece and anything that needed a bag.   I also started making them for sale as I have a virtually unlimited supply of bags.  The horse grain bags hold 50 lbs of grain so they're very strong.   They're all plastic except for the grommets which attach the handles to the bag so they can be hosed out and dripped dry (great for beach toys).  There are several bags I always have in stock but I also have an assortment of bags that people give me.  So if you're looking for a particular bag send me an email, I might just have it in stock.