Subito Farm




Hand dyed and Hand Cranked Socks

At any given time we have a variety of hand dyed hand cranked socks made superwash merino wool with a touch of nylon for wear on hand. Below is a photo of some of our hand cranked socks  Email us for sizes and colors or request a custom pair.

Handspun Hand Dyed and Hand Cranked

At any given time we also have a variety of hand spun, hand dyed, hand cranked socks.  These socks start out as raw fleece from a local farm in my town or from a fleece I've purchased at a sheep and wool festival in my area.  The fleeces can be almost any breed from horned dorset to corriedale to romney or even cormo.  It just depends on what  fleeces look good and what I'm spinning a the moment.  The wool is washed, carded, spun by Cindy.  The yarn is dyed in solid, stripes, gradient or whatever catches our fancy at the moment.  The dyed yarn is cranked into socks by us on our circular sock machine.  From raw wool to finished sock we do it all. Below is a sample of some handspun hand cranked socks.  Contact us to find out what colors and sizes we have in stock or to order a custom pair of socks.